Sunday, June 9, 2013

Preventing Flea Infestation For Dogs

By Claire Williams

These pesky little creature called fleas are something that a pet parent should not underestimate. Those may be small but their bites can drive your poor puppy crazy because of the itchiness. Since fleas are bloodsuckers and are plaguing on hair and skin, they can cause great impact to your dog's health if the infestation was left untreated. Skin infection, loss of hair, allergies, leukemia and other sickness which can even cause death will be hanging around which is why eliminating and preventing them from coming back is very necessary.

Natural Methods for Flea Eradication

Making use of the natural ways eliminates the threat that might take place when you and your pet have been exposed to powerful chemicals. Aside from household safety, these methods are proven to be effective and easy to do without too much expense. There are many options that you can choose from when it comes to eliminating fleas and one of those is by using the lavender oil as a weapon. Lavender essential oil was proven to be a strong flea killer. You can eradicate and repel many fleas only a few drops at the back of your dog's neck and another few drops at the base of the tail.

Creating a solution of rosemary dip is also a powerful method to stop the flea infestations. Obtain some rosemary springs from your garden or just buy some from the market. Place two cups of it in boiling water and leave it for half an hour. Afterwards, separate the liquid and mix it to a gallon of warm water. Shower the solution to your dog while still warm and let it dry on its own. There are other methods that you can use to keep fleas away from sucking your best friend's blood such as applying yeast, making apple cider vinegar and lemon sprays.

Household Maintenance and Dog Care

The different parts of your home may be infested with different parasites including fleas that can harm members of the family especially your dogs. The key to totally eliminate the threat that fleas could bring is by putting a stop on their growing numbers and exterminate them little by little until they are all gone. First, make sure that all the places and stuff at your home are regularly being vacuumed or sent out for laundry. Carpets, rugs, bed sheets and upholstery are some of the favorite dwelling places of fleas and its eggs. If your dogs are sometimes going outside to play, clean the lawn and your backyard.

Proper care for dogs can totally repel fleas from touching your dog's skin. Bathe your dog regularly and make use of anti-flea soap and shampoo. You can also apply a flea-killing product after bathing such as flea collar or powder. You can also dislodge those little creatures away with a fine toothed comb which are designed to remove fleas. For severe flea infestation, contact the veterinarian and talk about various treatments that can be used on your flea-plagued dog. Check on your dog everyday or groom him/her routinely so that you can easily be aware of fleas and prevent them from overpopulating.

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